Coin Extremely Fine


  • 1941 MOZAMBIQUE 100 Escudos, P-77 PMG 20 Very Fine, Extremely Rare Issued Type
  • 1983p Quarter Error Coin Very Valuable
  • James VI, Scotland, Hardhead, August 1588, Extremely Rare Type I, Very Fine
  • Very Rare Extremely Fine Roman Empire VETRANIO Follis Siscia! 22mm/4,2gr
  • Very Rare Variety 1919 Dot over P in Penny- Extremely Fine- HARDER Date
  • 1881H CYPRUS 1 PIASTRE Thin Variety, Extremely Fine VERY RARE LOW MINTAGE 36k
  • Top Reasons Why You Should Collect Very Fine Graded Coins Classic Coin Grading
  • Very Rare Extremely Fine Roman Empire VETRANIO (HOC SIGNO VICTOR ERIS) Maiorina
  • (100) 1957 $1 One Dollar Blue Seal Silver Certificates Very Fine-extremely Fine
  • 1789 George III Gold Full Guinea Extremely Fine Obverse Good Very Fine Reverse
  • 1806 Draped Bust Quarter Dollar Choice Very Fine to Extremely Fine 25c Type Coin
  • 1831 Coronation Of William IV Bronze Medal Good Very Fine To Extremely Fine
  • 1843 Seated Liberty Dollar Choice Very Fine Extremely VF/XF Silver $1 Type Coin
  • Fr# 16 1862 $1 Legal Tender PCGS 45 Extremely Fine / Very Nice
  • Very Rare George III 1772 Error Halfpenny In Extremely Fine + Condition. H39
  • 1818, George III, Crown. TUTMEN Edge Error, Very Rare. Good Extremely Fine
  • 1879S Victoria Gold Sovereign. Good extremely fine. Very Rare