Coin Extremely Fine


  • Great Britain Victoria Godless Florin Coin 1849 S. 3890 Extremely Fine
  • 1766 Maundy Set (1d, 2d, 3d, 4d), Extremely Fine, Great Britain, Rare
  • 1820 Great Britain George III Lx Silver Crown S#3787 Extremely Fine (PCGS AU50)
  • Alexander the Great III AR Tetradrachm Coin 336-323 BC XF (Extremely Fine)
  • Silver Jackpot Coin Roll Hunting Great Fine 1957d Half Dollar
  • 1934-1939 ND Great Britain Pound XF-40 PMG Bank of England Extremely Fine P#363h
  • 1819 LIX Silver Great Britain Crown George III Coin Extremely Fine