Coin Extremely Fine


  • 1861 Three Cent Silver, Type 3, Choice Extremely Fine, 180 Degree Die Rotation
  • Kentucky Cent ANACS EF 40 Extremely Fine XF Plain Edge Colonial Conder Token
  • FR-1229 First Issue 5c Cent Fractional Postage Currency PMG 40 Extremely Fine
  • Extremely Fine 2 Cent Piece At Art And Coin Tv
  • Malay Peninsula Penang 1810 1/2 Cent coin Extremely Fine nice
  • Australia 2004 20c 20 Cent Ramstrike Error EF Extremely Fine
  • 1914 D United States Lincoln Wheat Cent Coin Ngc Extremely Fine 40 Brown
  • Extremely Fine, XF Lincoln Wheat Cent collection. 1909 VDB to 1958-D. Missing 3
  • 1794 S-55 Liberty Cap Large Cent Extremely Fine Details Early Copper 1c Variety